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The Jesse-focused Breaking Bad movie is coming to Netflix in October

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The New York Times confirmed tonight that the long-expected Netflix Breaking Bad movie not only has a release date now, but a title: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Per The Times, the film, as previously rumored, will be a sequel story focused on Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, he of the many-valenced “Bitches!”, as he attempts to find some kind of peace in the aftermath of the critically acclaimed AMC series. Or, per the Netflix description that leaked online this weekend ahead of an expected formal announcement on Monday—and which Paul himself confirmed to the Times—“In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.”


The film (written and directed by Vince Gilligan) is set to be released in less than two months, arriving on Netflix this October. Paul refused to answer any questions about who might be co-starring with him in the film—this is a franchise that’s never shied away from flashbacks, after all—but we would be absolutely gobsmacked if at least a few familiar Albuquerque faces didn’t show up. (C’mooooooooon, Bill Burr!)

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