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The Jerry Orbach art car has finally arrived

(Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

Last year, we reported that pop artist Brandon Bird had launched his latest crowdfunded bit of surrealist joy, an art car covered in pictures of Bird’s perpetual muse, late Law & Order star Jerry Orbach. Now, per Jalopnik, the Lennie Briscoe-mobile is finally finished, and the end result is pretty glorious:

(Image: Brandon Bird)
(Photo: Brandon Bird)

Decked out in Orbach’s signature world-weary stare—several times over, in fact—the airbrushed Crown Victoria looks like the perfect ride for unhappily shaking one’s head in, before getting out and delivering a corpse-related pun to a guy carrying a crate of apples somewhere. (Or, as Bird noted in the original Kickstarter pitch: “Cruise nights, auto shows, art events, and wherever else an Orbach car may be needed.”)

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