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The It movie thrusts its fist against the posts, still insists it’s out next year

It’s hard out there for a murderous movie clown: Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling horror novel It hit a major setback last year when True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga stepped away from the director’s chair, citing creative differences about the direction of the project. And while the production managed to snatch up a new director—Mamas Andy Muscietti—pretty quickly, Variety is reporting that star Will Poulter might have also departed the key role of Pennywise the Clown in the wake of the change.

But these troubles haven’t stopped the studio—as undaunted as a crew of slingshot-wielding misfits taking on an eldritch, child-eating spider monster—from setting a release date for the upcoming film (which might just be a single film, and not two, as it turns out). Warner Bros. has announced that It will hit theaters on September 8, 2017, giving Muscietti a few more months before he’ll need to have his multi-generational cast set.


The studio also announced 2017 release dates for Dax Shepard and Adam Brody’s CHiPS movie—August 11—and an untitled, PG-13-rated comedy (December 22). Hopefully, keeping those films—especially the post-Labor Day It—in the back half of the year will help to keep them afloat at the box office. (Warner Bros. is keeping its fingers crossed that everything will float down there.)

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