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Even if you insist that you prefer the British original, NBC’s The Office has certainly made its mark on the modern workplace comedy. You’ve got networks and producers who want to recreate the setting (but in a cooler way), or borrow its mockumentary style (which it did not originate, but still), or just borrow some of its talent. But Fox wants to avoid all Dunder Mifflin references with a new workplace comedy that’s going to get political—according to Deadline, the network has just given a put-pilot commitment to Dan Sterling’s Citizen Floyd.


Sterling will reteam with The Interview’s Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to produce the half-hour comedy, which Sterling will also write. Rogen and Goldberg recently got a series order from AMC for their Preacher adaptation, but Citizen Floyd would be the first network show for both of them. No one’s released any real details about the show, other than that it will have “political, action and suspense elements,” which already suggests it’s nothing like The Office.

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