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The Interview is coming to Netflix, if you still want to see it

For those who haven’t yet pirated The Interview, Netflix will exclusively release the film to U.S. and Canadian viewers this Saturday, January 24—just 30 days after it debuted in a limited theatrical release and through VOD platforms like Crackle, YouTube, and Google Play. Since Sony’s heavily publicized flipping and flopping over how to put out a film that centers on the murder of a sitting world leader, the studio has brought in $40 million in digital sales and $6 million in ticket sales.

That technically puts Sony in the green over the The Interview’s reported $44 million production budget, not including the unknown specifics of the Netflix deal. However, considering marketing costs, revenue splits, and, you know, that crippling hacking ordeal, the company may still have a way to go before deeming the controversial Seth Rogen film a “success.”


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