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The internet races to mash up Game Of Thrones and Wes Anderson

Screenshot: YouTube

One gets the impression that there are people out there with their fingers hovering inches above their laptop keyboards at all times of day and night, in a constant state of readiness to take any semi-consequential unit of pop culture and fuse it with the distinctive aesthetics of Houston-born filmmaker Wes Anderson. At times, this avocation seems to be a tertiary function of the internet, just after porn-hunting and engaging in half-informed political debate.

It’s not so much remarkable that someone would take one of the most surprising and affecting moments from last night’s season finale of Game Of Thrones—King Tommen’s response to his mother’s annihilation of the Great Sept Of Baelor, and with it his queen and spiritual advisor—and imbue it with the melancholic delicacy of Anderson’s 2001 film, The Royal Tenenbaums. What’s truly impressive is the speed with which YouTube user Chodo Baggins managed to get it up online.

For readers out there who don’t own any cardigan sweaters and need a reminder of which scene Mr. Baggins is referencing with the inclusion of Elliott Smith’s 1995 song “Needle In The Hay,” here’s the attempted suicide of Richie Tenenbaum, in all its morose beauty:

Chodo Baggins has clearly learned much from Queen Cersei—bide your time and when you see opportunity arise, strike without hesitation.


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