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Although the relationship between Michael Bay and the Internet has long been a contentious one—characterized by flare-ups over racist robots, the beauty of 3-D, and alien Ninja Turtles—suddenly it seems as though they’ve become unlikely partners, paired in a tense, amusingly bickering relationship that nevertheless gets the job done. Last week, Bay exploded all preconceptions by announcing on his website that, while he’d quickly shot down in an awe-inspiring fireball the rumors regarding Mark Wahlberg starring in the next Transformers, “Let’s say that very Internet chatter gave me some ideas,” potentially marking the first time that ideas have originated with either Internet chatter or Michael Bay. (That the Internet also had the idea of not doing any more Transformers movies apparently went unnoticed.)


And so, with Bay adding that he "had such a great time" working with Wahlberg on the upcoming Pain And Gain, he now confirms that said “ideas are gaining traction” regarding Wahlberg joining the film. That the sequel would then be named Transfahmahs Fah, and star Mark Wahlberg as a tough Southie taxicab discovered parked in Harvard Yard has not yet been confirmed. But this is also Internet chatter, so presumably it will be.  [via Coming Soon]

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