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The internet found that book by Tom Holland's dad about his son's success

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When a parent wishes for immense success for their children, we should understand that those sort of selfless dreams come with limits. Boundless opportunities for the generations after us have always sounded ideal in theory. However, what us ungrateful offspring fail to realize is that when our parents told us to reach for the stars, there was actually a ton of subtext that vaguely sounded like, “... but don’t become, like, Spider-Man or some cool shit like that.” Rather than read between the lines, Tom Holland had the audacity to shirk convention and secure the brightest future he could muster—as a Marvel Studios mainstay and international renowned actor—without considering that his father, U.K. comedian Dominic Holland, might want his own spot in the limelight. Tom’s serendipitous journey to stardom is chronicled in a satirical book titled Eclipsed. At first glance, the description does kind of resemble the salty scribe of a jilted showbiz parent, which could be why many concluded very quickly that the book wasn’t the best look for the Holland patriarch.

However, some have vouched that the book, which was written back in 2013, is actually very humorous and written with love. And considering that Tom himself wrote the forward, we can guess that contents can’t be too toxic. But you can’t blame folks for being a little cautious when it comes to the parents of hugely famous offspring.

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