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The insane story of a furry convention undone by its descent into debauchery

Screenshot: YouTube/Internet Historian
Screenshot: YouTube/Internet Historian

Furries are quick to cry “fursecution,” and occasionally have every right to, what with the likes of Tony The Tiger casting shade in their direction. Their cause, however, isn’t helped by the heaps of bad press being culled in the wake of the bad apples in their midst. First, there was Foxler And The Furry Raiders, a band of furries who may or may not be neo-Nazis. And then there was the issue of the Rainfurrest 2015, a clusterfuck of epic proportions that’s just been chronicled by YouTuber Internet Historian.

Buckle up before hitting play on this one.

Rainfurrest 2015 was meant to be a peaceful gathering where furries could don their best costumes, flaunt their talents, and get freaky (or not). But when your festival opens with an organizer addressing “rumors” of an “evil curse” afflicting Rainfurrest 2015, you’re probably not off to the best start.


Turns out the furries in attendance had more in common with an excommunicated frat than it did cheerful woodland creatures. Booze, mushrooms, and nitrous oxide were ubiquitous in the halls of the Hilton where they stayed, as was the lingering stench of shit. One furry wreaked havoc in the hotel’s lobby bathroom, unleashing a wave of toilet water “two and a half inches deep.” Others, meanwhile, indulged in the act of “crinkling,” which involves the wearing of diapers and a love of the sound they make. “Do what you will,” said the well-behaved furries, who soon regretted their words when those diapers were found to be chock full of the stinky stuff. Later, one of the organizers chided attendees for “an incident with diapers being found on people’s cars.” Oh, someone shit in the pool, too.

All in all, the convention was visited multiple times by police—who arrested furries for assault, sexual assault, and drug possession, among other crimes—as well as the fire department and some poor plumbers.

Things become even more interesting in the aftermath, when it’s revealed that these offenses may or may not have been the work of a saboteur. The fersecution, it seems, may be coming from inside the house.

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