While not as catastrophic as The Red Wedding, the unenviable plight of Theon Greyjoy was uncomfortable to watch this season on Game Of Thrones. Theon was on the receiving end of brutal torture at the hand of a mysterious captor, who turned out to be the sadistic bastard son of Roose Bolton. Starved, beaten, and degraded, the once-lecherous Theon suffers somewhat the same fate as Jamie Lannister, losing his most prized appendage, though not one that would carry a sword. So after Ramsay Snow sends that piece of Theon to Balon and Asha—characters barely seen at all this season—it was inevitable that the literal dick in a box get the “Dick In A Box” treatment. The quick mash-up matches creepy Theon groping the girl he doesn’t know is his sister with relentlessly tortured Theon and the delicately wrapped wooden box. Considering the plot didn't add up to much at the end of the season, at least some laughs can be had.