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Illustration for article titled iThe Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret/i will return for a post-apocalyptic third season

David Cross’ underrated 12-episode series The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret ends with nuclear holocaust. The title character—played by Cross—defects to North Korea, where he’s put in charge of their nuclear program and blows up the world. Cross told The A.V. Club back in 2012 that the show wouldn’t continue beyond its initially conceived arc, both because of that inconvenient plot point and because he didn’t want to spend nine months alone in London filming again. (“But it’s a moot point because there’s not going to be a third season because the story is done,” he also said.) But apparently we’re never saying never, because IFC just announced that the show would return with six new episodes in 2015, and not with any kind of prequel fake-out, either: It will be “picking up where the second season left off when Todd detonates a battery of nuclear bombs that incinerate the planet.”


Perhaps this will be a chance for critical redemption for the series, which got a pretty lukewarm reception (including, to a degree, from us). But it’s the kind of show that rewards both binge-viewing and re-watching: Once you know where it’s going, it’s more fun to follow the ridiculous joke streams and pay attention to incredible performances by Will Arnett—easily his funniest stuff outside Arrested Development—and Spike Jonze. Those looking to catch up can find the whole run on Netflix.

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