Among the many arcane theories surrounding Inception, here’s the one most likely to inspire lots of duck puns: that director Christopher Nolan’s summer-redeeming blockbuster bears an awfully close resemblance to the Scrooge McDuck comic “Dream Of A Lifetime,” in which The Beagle Boys enter Scrooge’s dreams in order to extract the combination to his secret vault. Here’s a scene-by scene breakdown of the comic vs. the movie (that’s rife with Inception spoilers, obviously) that’s fairly convincing. Of course, the comic was published in 2002 and Nolan reportedly submitted the treatment for Inception in 2001, so PARADOX and all that. But still, an interesting coincidence, one tailor-made for debate in these dog days of summer. Who knows? You might solve a mystery, or rewrite history. It's a duck blur!, etc.