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The Immortan Joe My Little Pony will haunt your eternal dreams

Photo by Kelsey Wailes

Here’s hoping you’re not sleepy, because the following will haunt your nightmares: Tumblr user Kelsey Wailes has used a blend of paint, polymer clay, and probably some of that insane chrome spray to create a series of Mad Max: Fury Road-themed My Little Ponies. While some of the ponies look majestic—Imperator Furiosa, for example—others are absolutely bone-chilling, like Wailes’ take on Immortan Joe. Seriously, just look at this thing:


Wailes also tackled Nux and Max Rockatansky, and will be selling all the ponies at this weekend’s AwesomeCon festival in Washington, D.C.


This isn’t the first time Wailes has modified a My Little Pony. She’s previously tackled turning the sweet ponies into characters from Doctor Who, The Dark Crystal, and Pacific Rim.

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