Hey there Mr. Thom Yorke Sourpudding, maybe the death rattle of the music industry isn’t such a bad thing: After all, it just allowed stalwart sludge-rock band the Melvins to land on the Billboard charts for the first time in its 26-year career. The group’s new The Bride Screamed Murder squeaked in at No. 200 on the Top 200 spot, causing numerous pop-culture reporters (like us!) to congratulate the group with slightly awed articles (like this!) on its achievement, which it realized by selling just 2,809 copies of its latest record. As the AP points out, only five years ago the Melvins wouldn’t have come anywhere close to the charts and its threshold-clearing bar of 5,000 units. But because nobody buys records anymore, the Melvins are up there, rubbing elbows with the Biebers and Ke$has and Billy Oceans or whoevers of the world. It’s the bright side!