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The #IceburgChallenge is here to get you drunk

Last August the ALS Association launched the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fundraising campaign that involved people having buckets of cold water poured on them followed by the then-soaked people nominating their friends for the same daunting task. The good-natured campaign saw an endless list of celebrities participating, and with the Ice Bucket Challenge set to be re-launched this August it’s only fitting that another ice-based challenge has begun to take hold on social media: the Iceburg Challenge. Spelling error aside, the trend began when Tom May of Pennsylvania punk band The Menzingers posted the following video:


The premise of the Iceburg Challenge is that people perform part of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic soundtrack, quickly followed by them taking a shot of whatever booze happens to be at their disposal. Just as the Ice Bucket Challenge quickly spread across the internet, so too did the Iceburg Challenge, running through punk bands on Twitter and occasionally looping back on itself so that other Menzingers members would take part. By now the Iceburg Challenge has taken the likes of Laura Stevenson and Derek Perry of Fake Problems, and with countless others still being nominated it appears we’ve only seen the tip of phenomenon. The A.V. Club looks forward to the next spinoff, The Iceberg Challenge, when people must consume whole heads of iceberg lettuce just for the fuck of it.

[via Substream Magazine]


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