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The Huntsman is also tossing the dwarves

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It looks like Frank Darabont isn’t the only one who won’t be a part of The Huntsman. Deadline reports that Toby Jones, Nick Frost, and Eddie Marsan will not be returning for the sequel to Universal’s Snow White And The Huntsman.


While Marsan was never scheduled to return, given his prior commitment to Showtime’s Ray Donovan (making him one of the few people in this world who have any sort of commitment to Ray Donovan), it seems Frost and Jones were unable to agree on terms for reprising their roles. Which is just as well, given that the film apparently only has roles for two of the original seven characters. It’s surprising that the studio wouldn’t invite them all back; speaking metaphorically, it would have been a good way to throw them at the wall and see who stuck. Plus, since the studio clearly has a commitment to verisimilitude—given that every single actor cast was someone then digitally altered to look like a dwarf, rather than just casting actual dwarf actors—they shouldn’t have much trouble lining up a bunch of white British men to play all the other roles, either. Maybe bring Jones and Frost back to play Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt instead?

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