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The Huntsman already has a new director

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Just yesterday, we reported that Frank Darabont had dropped out of directing Snow White spinoff The Huntsman—probably because him directing it in the first place didn’t seem to make any sense. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has already found someone to replace him, and for once it’s not Peyton Reed. Instead, the studio has gone with Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, a hotshot director who certainly requires no introduction. However, just in case anyone out there isn’t as hip to the movies of today as we are, we’ll give him one anyway: Nicolas-Troyan did (uncredited) visual effects work on two Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and Nic Cage’s The Weather Man. Plus, and perhaps this is the more important part, he was the second unit director for Show White And The Huntsman, this film’s Kristen Stewart-starring predecessor. That means he was basically promoted from within, which is always more exciting than seeing some new guy come in and tell everybody what to do.


So go on, Frank Darabont. We don’t need you around here anymore. We’ve got Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, the new Frank Darabont. Hey, Nicolas-Troyan, how do you feel about Stephen King adaptations?

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