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The Hunger Games finally casts its Finnick, satisfying the nation's fishermen

Illustration for article titled emThe Hunger Games/em finally casts its Finnick, satisfying the nations fishermen

The casting news on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has so far had something for the Tiger Beat set, something for fans of veteran character actors, and something for people who were asking what Amanda Plummer has been up to lately. But throughout the most persistent question has been who will play the knot-tying, trident-wielding Finnick and properly represent the fishing industry, and now Variety reports that Snow White And The Huntsman's Sam Claflin is in final contention for the role. The news is expected to be met with excitement and fierce debate throughout the nation's docks and canneries, with the morning's haul of halibut left to rot while longshoremen fight about whether someone like Armie Hammer would have been better, grumbling, "Old Salty here doesn't get that Armie Hammer is tied up with commitments to The Lone Ranger." Slightly less controversial or likely to affect the quality of your seafood for the next few weeks, Tony Shalhoub is also reportedly nearing a deal to star as the electrically inclined inventor Beetee—a casting decision that should prove to be a boon to the sadly ignored Tony Shalhoub Blingee page.


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