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The Hulk will still get his own TV show, but The Punisher won't

With his future promising a possible new solo movie and life as a spokesman for not responding to lackluster PowerPoint presentations with animalistic rage, The Incredible Hulk continues to take all assumed obstacles about his limited viability of the character and destroy them with brutish dismantling, so to speak, with ABC confirming today that it's still planning on airing Guillermo del Toro's Hulk TV show, perhaps as soon as next year. The news came amid various other comic-book-related questions inspired by the Disney-Marvel-ABC synergy, as the company avowed that it plans to think really hard and come up with a way to make some money off The Avengers.

A couple of those proposed projects have already been delayed or abandoned entirely, including the adaptation of AKA Jessica Jones that's not quite dead but not a top priority either, and the warily eyed, watered-down rehash of The Punisher that's already been passed on by Fox, forcing comic-book fans to find something else to get aggrieved about. But ABC assures that Hulk isn't one of those, with the network entertainment president Paul Lee saying that while it wasn't ready for this fall, "We hope it's going to be ready for next season." So this year, those wanting to watch an ABC character destroying everything in their path in a snorting, savage fury, you'll just have to tune into that Reba McEntire show, we guess.


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