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The Hulk might be wearing more than stretchy pants in Thor: Ragnarok

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We’ve been getting news about the seemingly Hulk-centric Thor: Ragnarok for awhile now, from new love interests to new Jeff Goldblums, and all of it has sounded promising, even if Natalie Portman still wants nothing to do with the whole thing. But hold on to your Gamma radiation, because we’ve saved the most exciting news for now: There will be a slight wardrobe change for a giant motion-capture/CGI character! It’s a little disturbing that we didn’t receive the superhero equivalent of an amber alert notification for this bombshell, but we’ll let it slide this time.

JoBlo reports the upcoming Asgardian hero’s third solo feature-film adventure will incorporate at least some elements of Planet Hulk, the outer space comic saga that finds the un-jolly green giant engaged in gladiatorial combat on the planet Sakaar. These battles will be engineered by Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster, which hopefully means lots of strange pauses in sentences and minute hand gestures from the character. But more importantly, it indicates Hulk will be decked out in the one-shoulder armor worn in the comics.


As Mark Ruffalo teased previously, this could mean a number of things for the character, including getting larger and developing some communication skills while in Hulk mode, rather than just the charming and laconic dialogue of Bruce Banner. It’s also reported Thor will be partially shaving his head in the film, meaning there’s one less Rapunzel-like opportunity for Banner to climb those golden flowing tresses. Perhaps that’s being saved for Infinity War.

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