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Despite the infectious optimism that has characterized the entire run up to this week's The Avengers, not even Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is so swept up in the positivity that he's sure The Hulk deserves another shot at a solo film—an opportunity he's been given twice already, after all, with disappointing results. Feige said as much in a recent interview with The Huffington Post, calling it "mission accomplished" as far as getting The Hulk into a movie that most people don't actively dislike, and adding that Marvel would be "very careful about it and deliberate" with any further plans to feature him.

And so, in keeping with Marvel's usual m.o. to be careful and deliberate with its plans, someone else apparently leaked them in another interview—this time Marvel's Paul Gitter, who said in a recent interview with Forbes that The Hulk could get his own "big-budget franchise movie in 2015." And while that's only one offhand comment, readers will note that 2015 is one of the increasingly rare years that Marvel hasn't already pinned down with a movie release, and obviously something has to go there, so why not a Hulk movie?


Of course, Gitter could have been speaking out of turn and this could have all been speculation on his part, though there are at least a couple more concrete plans to continue The Hulk. These include the previously announced TV version that Guillermo del Toro is developing for ABC, plus Gitter's newly revealed strategy to explore ways to make Hulk into a "'corporate icon,' similar to MetLife’s usage of Peanuts’ Snoopy, where The Hulk’s image conveys a message about channeling strength to overcome workplace challenges." And on the scale of plausible things, a movie may actually be more reasonable than a series of commercials in which HULK SMASH COWORKER WHO DIVERT CLIENTS TO FREELANCE PRACTICE and HULK NOTICE LACK OF DIVERSITY IN SALES TEAM, relatively speaking. [via The Playlist]

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