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The hoverboards from Back To The Future are going up for auction

Back To The Future Part II

There are few signposts of one’s own mortality/maturity more potent than the slow acceptance that you’ll never own a real hoverboard. (With apologies to the engineers of the various projects expensively pursuing that dream, and the next of kins of their amateur, YouTube-bred cousins.) But while we’ll never float down the streets of Hill Valley, “The Power Of Love” and magnets energizing our glide, at least a few of us can own the actual, physical artifacts ourselves.

California’s Premiere Props auction site has announced its next batch of movie memorabilia, and Back To The Future is topping the list of stuff for you to grab, like a desperate time traveler attempting to navigate his enemies into a truck full of manure. Not only is the company auctioning off Doc Brown’s Mr. Fusion home energy reactor, but screen-used versions of two hoverboards from Back To The Future Part II. One is the classic bright pink Mattel board that Marty McFly steals from a little kid, while the other is Griff Tannen’s black and red Pit Bull board. They won’t actually fly, but at least they can serve their intended purpose—making your friends go, “Holy shit, is that a hoverboard?!”—without needing POWER. Going up for auction on March 25, Marty’s board has a starting bid of $3,000, while Griff’s will start at roughly half that price.

Premiere Props has a ton of other sci-fi-friendly swag going up for auction this month, too: Browsing their catalog, you can find a piece of the original Death Star, a Star Trek tricorder from the original series, and a bunch of other stuff certain to make your nerdiest friends swoon with envy, and your non-nerdy ones question your spending habits.


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