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Perhaps more so than any other artist, Bruce Springsteen’s music is inexorably tied to the places he has lived, be it America in general or New Jersey specifically. The argument can easily be made, then, that the places he lived made him into the success that he is today, so following that logic, it should be possible for someone to absorb the musical energies that made Springsteen who he is by living in the same places he lived. (That’s how science works, right?) Well, now you just might have the chance to accomplish exactly that, assuming you can afford to buy a house in New Jersey.


That’s because—as reported by NJ.com—the house that Springsteen lived in while writing Born To Run (yes, the whole album) is going up for sale. You’ll be able to sleep where he slept, eat where he ate, and jam the highway with broken heroes on a last chance power drive where he jammed the highway with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. The house is currently owned by a group of Springsteen fans who hoped to eventually turn it into some kind of Springsteen memorial, but now they no longer have time to ride through the mansions of glory in suicide machines, so they’re selling the house. The asking price is $299,000, and it has a new roof, new wood floors, and new vinyl siding to sweeten the deal, just in case that price seems to steep for a house in New Jersey. (We hear that town rips the bones from your back, even though it’s a state.)

Really, though, can you put a price on using the house to become the new Bruce Springsteen? Just think of how rich and famous you’ll be once you start writing hit songs about how much you love New Jersey/want to leave New Jersey as fast as you possibly can. The sellers’ dream is that Springsteen himself will hear about this and decide that he should still own the house, but they admit that it probably won’t happen. Even he doesn’t want to own a house in New Jersey that much.

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