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The earworm DJ/producer duo known as The Hood Internet has been doing their mashup thing for quite some time now, which isn’t in any way a criticism, considering how everything they release is generally a banger. For proof: here’s their recent summary of 1979, their history of hip-hop, and this weirdly catchy fusion of Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.


To further their already impressive CV, the pair has now released a massive amalgamation of 50 songs from the bygone year that was 1985. As one would probably expect, there’s a helluva lot happening in the track, which features artists like Prince, Run DMC, Huey Lewis, Aerosmith, Dire Straits, and Madonna. Check it out below to be transported back to a simpler time, when all we had to worry about was mutually assured nuclear devastation instead of a deadly global pandemic.

The Hood Internet’s been at this for a while, having previously given the same treatment to every year of the early ‘80s. And, as they clarified in this tweet, more are on the way in the coming days.


It’ll be hard to top this one, if only for reminding us that Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time exists and that its music video is a sight to behold.

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