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The History Channel gives Larry The Cable Guy his own show, gives up

Its recent foray into more or less abandoning educational programming for reality shows starring beefy, occasionally sleeveless guys manhandling old knives has paid off handsomely for the History Channel, so it only stands to reason that the network would continue that trajectory by filtering our nation’s rich past through the clogged PVC pipe that is Larry The Cable Guy. Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy has just been picked up for a 13-episode run debuting later this year, a show in which Larry, the Charles Kuralt of the Coors Light set, will skadoodle all over this great land of ours “immersing himself in different lifestyles, jobs and hobbies that celebrate the American experience,” all while revealing “bits of history” from whatever town he happens to be occupying, such as an anecdote about the time General William Tecumseh Sherman marched to Savannah because he really had to fart. He will presumably then end each revelation by exclaiming, “Only in America!” because truly, only in America.


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