Completely disproving the film's familiar tagline, "There can be only Juan," director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has stepped down from the long-gestating remake of Highlander. The immortal hilarity of that pun was apparently not enough to keep Fresnadillo interested in the similarly unkillable project that's been through several directors and rewrites already, as Deadline reports that Fresnadillo has exited due to ye olde "differing views"—perhaps over Fresnadillo's belief that someone besides Ryan Reynolds might be better suited to play the ancient Scottish warrior, just as Fresnadillo departed The Crow remake shortly after Bradley Cooper and Mark Wahlberg's names started being bandied about. Anyway, the search is now on for someone else who can capture the epic sweep of this supernatural tale about why Scottish people will outlive us all, or at least stand behind a camera while Ryan Reynolds puts on a kilt and swings a sword around.