Although it's very unlike the Jews to not just let go of the past, director Jonathan Kesselman and actor Adam Goldberg have spent the last 10 years attempting to mount a sequel to 2003's The Hebrew Hammer, their fluke cult hit about an overcoat-clad Jewish vigilante making the streets safe for everyone's bubbe. Now that sequel is finally set for a spring start date, thanks to a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign on Jewcer and the fact that Israel doesn't need any more money. (What, they want we should pay them not to call us?). As you can see from the promo below, the follow-up will find Goldberg's Mordechai time traveling to take on "the Jewish Joker": Adolf Hitler, the Jewish archvillain who had a way with a pun and an equally horrible way with genocide.

Also returning is Judy Greer as Mordechai's wife, Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal, while Goldberg will this time assume a dual role of Jesus, split-screen teaming with Mordechai for a biblical-era buddy-cop comedy that Kesselman has likened to "History Of The World Part I crossed with Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure," and which he hopes will also include a Last Supper scene filled with "notable Jews" like Mel Brooks and Larry David. That part's still being worked out, but it seems you can expect to see the Hebrew Hammer take on Hitler soon, and hey, maybe this time that whole nasty business can be avoided.