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The Haunting Of Hill House is taking on The Turn Of The Screw for its second season

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Photo: The Haunting Of Hill House (Netflix)

Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House was a big hit that was full of secret and not-so-secret ghosts, but just as series creator Mike Flanagan teased a while back, its second season won’t be continuing the spooky adventures of the Crain family and the eponymous Hill House. Now, though, we not only know the name of the scary house that will act as the setting for the show’s second season, but we also know which classic horror novel it will be adapting. First off, Netflix released a little teaser that doesn’t tell us much beyond the fact that Haunting (as it is now dubbed) won’t be returning until 2020:


It does, however, provide a hint in the form of ominous whispers that include the line “empty with a great emptiness.” As /Film noted, that’s a line from Henry James’ The Turn Of The Screw, and Netflix has also spoiled the surprised by announcing that the season will be called The Haunting Of Bly Manor—which happens to be the name of the haunted house in James’ horror story. So… yeah. That’s definitely what the season will be based on, though if Hill House is any indication, it’ll be a pretty loose adaptation.

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