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The haunted building from Ghostbusters is for sale, for all your Gozer-worshipping needs

Illustration for article titled The haunted building from emGhostbusters /emis for sale, for all your Gozer-worshipping needs

Representing a Ghostbusters refurbishment that we could actually get behind, if only we were multimillionaires, the luxury duplex topping the Central Park West building featured in the film is now for sale, reports Born Rich (via Complex). The "grand and rarely lived-in" multi-floor apartment that was once home to fashion designer Calvin Klein and more recently record executive Steve Gottlieb—and more importantly, Dana Barrett and Louis Tulley—has just been put on the market at the asking price of $35 million. That's a staggering, big Twinkie of a number, to be sure. However, it's also kind of a bargain, once you consider its prime location and views of the Manhattan skyline, its 12 spacious rooms, its glass-enclosed garden pavilion, its cold-riveted girders with cores of pure selenium, and the fact that it's a huge, super-conductive antenna designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence, with a rooftop terrace that once hosted the temple to Gozer the Gozerian.


"This building was designed by an architect named Ivo Shandor, who conducted rituals up on the roof—bizarre rituals intended to bring about the end of the world, and now it looks like it may actually happen!" you can say while giving your dinner party guests a tour. "I am the Gatekeeper—are you the Keymaster?" you can say to friends every single time they ask to be buzzed up. "Me and my girlfriend live in the corner penthouse of Spook Central!" you can yell to passerby down on the street. Then you can throw hundred-dollar bills off the ledge while screaming, "I love this town!" because you are a rich, insane Ghostbusters fan.

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