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The Hateful Eight hasn’t been shot yet but has a teaser trailer somehow

Apparently that whole Gawker thing really affected Quentin Tarantino, because he seems hell-bent on spoiling The Hateful Eight himself before anyone else can. The newest manifestation of Tarantino’s “free jazz” period is a teaser trailer for the film, which will play before Sin City: A Dame To Kill For next weekend—in defiance of the fact that principal photography won’t begin until next year.

/Film did some digging and discovered that the trailer runs 1:47 long, and—although there is no official answer to the question “1:47 of what?”—people on Twitter who claim to have seen it say it’s almost all title cards. The Weinstein Company has officially stated that the trailer will not be available online and can only be seen before Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, which is adorable.


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