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We can probably stop talking about The Hateful Eight as if it were in a coma following a motorcycle accident. The Weinstein Company has released its teaser poster for the film—not that other poster somebody made for the live reading of the screenplay, but an official one blessed by Harvey Weinstein himself. Like the promotional materials for Django Unchained, the poster favors a bold graphic style in a palette of black, white, and red, the favorite color of bloody vengeance.


Things were touch and go with The Hateful Eight for a while, following Quentin Tarantino’s dramatic smash-up with Gawker, but time and some ego-assuaging live theater have apparently left Tarantino confident enough to get behind the directorial wheel once again. Collider and Kurt Russell assert that The Hateful Eight will begin shooting, reportedly in glorious 70mm, early next year. Based on the production schedule of Django Unchained, which was shot in the spring and summer of 2012 ahead of a Christmas Day release date, that points towards a hateful holiday season in 2015.

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