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The Happytime Murders red-band trailer is full of sex, fuzz, and puppet jizz

Between furry sex, fan fiction, and quicksand porn, it’s never been a better time to be a sex weirdo. (We use that term with nothing but affection, by the way.) And now we’ve got The Happytime Murders, the new millennium’s answer to Meet The Feebles that’s all but guaranteed to give at least one impressionable young person whose parent or guardian rents it for them by accident an erotic affinity for puppets.

Melissa McCarthy stars as Connie Edwards, a human cop who’s paired up with a puppet private eye when the puppet cast of a popular ‘80s kids show starts getting picked off one by one. Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale, and Maya Rudolph co-star in the hard-R comedy, directed by Jim Henson’s son Brian.


The Happytime Murders will felt up theaters on August 17.

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