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The Happy Endings writers are counting down to something, probably not shoes

The last few days have been pretty big for mysterious countdowns, apparently. First, Kanye West launched one on Friday morning that’s almost certainly pointing toward the launch of his Adidas line, and now the writers of dearly departed sitcom Happy Endings have started one—and it’s probably not related to the launch of their Adidas line.

As reported by TV Line, the countdown was first revealed by the official Twitter account for the Happy Endings writers on Friday night, with nothing but a link to this page that features the countdown itself and the following message: “It’s almost a new day.” Since that initial post, the writers have tweeted the same link a few times, adding “#ketchup,” “#ketchUP,” and “#wintercomestwice.”


We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and suggest that this is all pointing toward some kind of improbable Happy Endings resurrection, though. In fact, it would be almost irresponsible of us to point out that three Happy Endings stars—Eliza Coupe, Adam Pally, and Damon Wayans Jr.—have all suddenly found themselves with a lot more free time. If we were to say something like that, it would just get everyone’s hopes up. No, instead of that, we’ll point out that—as of this writing—the countdown ends in about 51 days and 11 hours. As calendar fans will no doubt recognize, that means the countdown will end on April Fools’ Day. Adjust your hopes accordingly.

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