If you demand a pure, unsullied Hangover Part II with all of its sight gags intact, you should probably catch it in theaters: The ongoing legal war waged by tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill may have failed to prevent the sequel from hitting the big screen, but Warner Bros. has now said that if they’ve failed to reach some settlement with Whitmill by the time the December DVD release rolls around, they will digitally alter Ed Helms’ face to substitute a different tattoo. So provided the copyright infringement case proceeds to its scheduled February 21, 2012 jury trial without anyone handing Whitmill a giant canvas sack with a dollar sign on it, some poor special effects guy is going to spend most of his autumn never seeing the leaves brown, locked inside the black confines of his editing bay as he plasters tiny digital roses or something on Helms’ temple. Was it worth it, Todd Phillips? Was your little Mike Tyson joke worth denying that man the changing of the seasons?