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The Handmaid’s Tale shares first trailer for its third season

The Handmaid’s Tale’s second season finale had us tossing our bonnets to the ground in rage. In addition to betraying the show’s established logic, June’s decision to stay in Gilead reeked of a series prolonging its story past its natural end point. We remain invested in the characters, however, and are curious to see just how the creators will manifest their promised themes of “resistance” in this next outing. Now, having been gifted the first trailer for the third season, we have some kind of idea.


The teaser premiered during the Super Bowl, so it was a bit shorter than we might’ve liked, but it made one thing clear: Handmaid’s Tale isn’t going to stop with its political messaging any time soon. The teaser was built as a very obvious and direct nod to Ronald Reagan’s “Morning In America” campaign ad, but with footage of good Americans from the nightmarish, far-too-believable version of America seen in the show. Then June showed up, everything went crazy, and it ends on a shot of the Washington Monument modified into a cross.

Maybe the good guys can get a win this time around? Either way, Hulu just promises that the new season will premiere “soon.”

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