Considering how many big movies he appeared in as a little kid, is it wrong to be surprised that Haley Joel Osment’s acting career has been enjoying a bit of resurgence lately? We’re not saying we’re surprised, because we’re tastemakers here at The A.V. Club, but surely someone out there is surprised. Either way, in honor of said resurgence, we’ve decided to declare that this era in Hollywood history will now be known as the “Haley Joel Osment-aissance.” (For the historical record, the Osment-aissance begins around IFC’s The Spoils Of Babylon, then continues on through Tusk and Entourage.)

With the Osment-aissance in full swing (we’re going to keep saying that until it’s a thing), Deadline is reporting that Haley Joel has signed on to star in Jay Berger Wants To Be Your Friend, an R-rated indie comedy from first-time director Josh Goldsmith. The plot reportedly revolves around “an adult who loves his old summer camp way too much,” but we imagine a guy named Jay Berger wanting to be your friend also comes in at some point. Otherwise, it just sounds like the setup for a Friday The 13th movie.