Terminator: Salvation

Thereā€™s a new sci-fi project in the works from two of the guys behind Barb Wire and The Lone Ranger. But donā€™t hold that against them: Chuck Pfarrer also wrote Darkman and Charlie Gibson won an Oscar for his work on Babe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ā€œplot details for the project are being kept deep in a government bunker.ā€ But with the title Crash Site and participation of two genre veterans, it can be presumed the story deals with alien spacecraft and perhaps Area 51, and not your best friendā€™s Ikea couch that you routinely pass out on after a long night of partying. Gibson, who did second unit work on three of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, is making his directorial debut.


John Baldecchiā€”producer of the Point Break remakeā€”Broderick Johnson, and Andrew Kosove are producing.