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The guy who punched Danzig is writing a book about punching Danzig

Danny Marianino, the guy who knocked out Glenn Danzig in 2004, is writing a book about how he knocked out Glenn Danzig in 2004. The book, Don’t Ever Punch A Rockstar, “profiles a regular guy’s journey in music and learning to shrug off one of the most opinionated events in music history.” Of course, events can’t have opinions, but people can, and so the book features a collection of some of the “hate mail, derogatory posts on blogs, and messages that are so ridiculous it will blow your mind.”

Prior to punching Danzig in the face, Marianino was a member of the North Side Kings who had also guested on some Soulfly albums. Now, from the looks of his Facebook page, Marianino spends much of his time thinking about that time he punched Danzig in the face and reminding people that he did, in fact, once punch Danzig in the face. Who can blame him, really? It’s not like he had 100 lbs. and six inches on the Misfits frontman. Oh, wait, he totally did.


Danzig, of course, says he let Marianino punch him in the face, lest he throw the first punch and get sued for all that sweet "Mother" money.

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