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The guy playing Mel Gibson's character on the Lethal Weapon show might also be a dick

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As eager as Hollywood is to forgive him, Mel Gibson has a pretty ugly history in the movie industry—including all of the explicitly racist things he’s been accused of saying or doing and the time he got so angry during negotiations for Braveheart that he threw an astray through a wall. Now, in a not-so-fun twist of fate, the guy playing Mel Gibson’s character on Fox’s Lethal Weapon TV show might be following in his footsteps. That’s according to Deadline, which says the future of the show is now in jeopardy because star Clayne Crawford allegedly has “a history of bad behavior” on set.

The story says that he has been “disciplined several times” because of “emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment,” and other people on the cast and crew apparently “feel uncomfortable being on set with him.” Deadline says it’s bad enough that the show might not get another season, and Fox is even reportedly thinking about recasting the role (which would obviously be a big deal for a show that is wrapping up its second season).

The show, like the movies its based on, is about a cop who is getting too old for this shit (played by Damon Wayans) and his reckless, young partner (played by Crawford).

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