You might know Vevo as that channel on YouTube that you visit to see Justin Timberlake drop lame rhymes over rap-rockin' beats. But Vevo is branching out into scripted original programming, and its first show is a rather bizarre hybrid of a Twilight Zone-style anthology program and American Idiot-inspired punk-rock musical. It's called Tim Timebomb's RockNRoll Theater, and it is the brainchild of Rancid's Tim Armstrong, who acts as the series' Rod Serling, narrating each half-hour episode. Armstrong wrote 50 songs with friends and collaborators for the first 12 episodes, including the series premiere "Dante," which stars Davey Havok of AFI and Armstrong's Rancid bandmate Lars Fredericksen. "Dante" was posted on Vevo today, and you can see it here. It's about a Wall Street/mafia type who gets his comeuppance—while singing catchy pop-punk showtunes. What could be better than that?