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The Guest’s Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett are prepping another horror movie

After a brief detour into Terminator-esque action with The Guest, writer/director team Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard are returning the the genre that made them famous. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo is currently prepping a horror film called The Woods. An official plot synopsis is not yet available, but The Hollywood Reporter says the film is about “a group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone,” a typical horror plot that Barrett and Wingard will presumably twist like they did the home-invasion thriller in You’re Next.

Wingard will shoot the movie this spring, and is reportedly looking to cast mostly unknown actors in order to emphasize the film’s horror elements. This puts the status of Barrett and Wingard’s proposed I Saw The Devil remake into question, but as long as the duo is putting out movies, we’re okay with it.


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