Still more animated than the real Vin Diesel

Guardians Of The Galaxy already has a lock on the box office this weekend, the endorsement of critics, and a guaranteed sequel. So what more could the film need? The answer, as always, is Lego.

YouTube user “forrestfire101”—real name Forrest Whaley—has redone the film’s trailer using the Danish building blocks, a spectacular recreation that’s already received an official promotional push from Disney. Luckily Marvel and Lego have put out a few Guardians sets, so most of the main characters featured in the trailer are easily represented, while a few background characters are clever mash-ups (check out Admiral Ackbar’s head on Ned Flanders body in the screenshot). Most impressively, there’s a lot of attention paid to the depth of field and fluidity of the action, with the stop-motion animation easily simulating the bombastic CGI. Also, this video proves one thing: The world needs a Glenn Close Lego. Think of all the scenes you could reenact from Reversal Of Fortune! [via The Wrap]

Here’s the original trailer for comparison: