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The Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel has a boring name

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Of all the upcoming Marvel movies—other than maybe the ones we know nothing about, like Inhumans—the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel seems like the biggest wildcard. The first movie was the most unexpectedly successful entry in the MCU since the original Iron Man, and its follow-up is almost certainly going to be tasked with setting up some of the cosmic threats The Avengers are going to have to face in the upcoming Infinity War movies. Because of that, any details about what space adventures Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, the green guy, the tree, and the raccoon will have in the future are in high demand. Details like, for example, the title of the movie.

Would it be a nod to the comics, like Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: Annihilation? Would it play up the fact that the movie will be about fathers and be called Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: Dad’s House? Would it reference Josh Brolin’s rarely seen big bad with a name like Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: There’s Something About Thanos?


As it turns out, none of those are right, and Collider got the scoop on the movie’s actual name: Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2. Yep, it’s just Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 but with an extra word stuck in near the end, and that doesn’t tell us anything about the movie. Or does it? Maybe “volume” is a subtle wink to something deep in the mythology of the Marvel Universe and it—wait, no. It’s just a reference to the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 cassette tape that Pratt’s character got from his dying mom (as seen at the end of the movie).

Director James Gunn later confirmed the title, officially proving that this isn’t all some relatively boring dream:

Whatever. We’re still going to call it There’s Something About Thanos.

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