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We can't even look at you right now, Chris Pratt. (Photo: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Though much of the excitement around Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 has been turned down to a simmer while we await the heroes’ appearance in Infinity War, there’s still some fun to be mined from the acid-washed sequel—mostly at David Hasselhoff’s expense.. Take this cameo-filled video for his contribution to the soundtrack, “Guardians Inferno.” The Hoff, outfitted in Liberace-levels of spangles, stands in for Star-Lord in verse, describing his adventures with a raccoon, sentient plant life, and Dave Bautista.

The Gunn brothers, James and Sean, make up the backing band, along with Michael Rooker (who plays Yondu) and Gamora/Zoe Saldana. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, who provide the voices for Rocket and Groot, aren’t seen or heard, and for a while, it looks like Chris Pratt also managed to dodge this disco ball-shaped bullet. But by the video’s end, he’s revealed to have been gyrating in full robot costume all along. Judging by Pratt’s smile, this was shot in happier times, before we learned that love is just a myth.


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