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Screenshot: Evil Dead II (YouTube)

This week sees the release of French animated film, I Lost My Body, which tells a surprisingly endearing tale of a shy, lovelorn carpenter’s apprentice pursuing his boss’s cute niece. Oh, and we almost forgotthere’s also a severed hand’s epic journey to reunite with its owner after it escapes a medical lab. Although promoting a film that sounds like it was co-written by someone like the author of Amélie (because it was, in fact, co-written by the author of Amélie) might seem a bit difficult at first, the macabre, creative folks at The Guardian have managed to find a way by releasing a comprehensive countdown of the best, uh, severed hands in cinematic history.


Of course, there are a few caveats to consider with such a list. After all, what kind of dismemberment are we talking about here? The list narrowed its scope down to the best reanimated/possessed/zombified appendages, which still leaves room for quite a few entries. They include the five-digit wonders featured in Idle Hands, The Addams Family, and a Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee outing called Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, which is extremely on brand for a Hammer Films title. But, of course, we all know who reigns supreme in this gore-soaked thumb wrestling contest: The Guardian’s number one endorsement goes to none other than Bruce Campbell’s deadite-infected hand from Evil Dead II. Hail to the king, baby.

Those curious if I Lost My Body deserves to be added to the list can check the film’s original French version out on Netflix tomorrow, with an English dub featuring Dev Patel and Alia Shawkat coming on November 29.

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