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The Groundhog Day musical will premiere on Broadway next year

Groundhog Day

The mighty reign of Hamilton may soon be coming to an end, because Broadway has lined up a new production that features significantly more weather-predicting rodents, funny suicides, and Ned Ryersons than Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hip opus. According to Variety, the Groundhog Day musical that’s recently been delighting audiences in London will be making its U.S. debut in April when it premieres on Broadway at the August Wilson Theater. Before arriving in London, the Groundhog Day musical was actually in the works for several years and finally got its act together when Danny Rubin—who co-wrote the original Bill Murray-starring film with Harold Ramis—was brought on board to write the show’s book.

The production features a lot of the same creative team as the Matilda musical, and Variety expects that Andy Karl—who stars in the London version—will reprise his role as the Bill Murray character in the American incarnation. Karl, for what it’s worth, is no stranger to musicals based on movies, as he was also the star of the poorly received Rocky Broadway show. Hopefully this will work out better than that, but if not, they can all give it another shot in the next time loop.


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