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The grisliest supercut for the greatest movie deaths of all time

Yes, it’s a supercut—but wait! This one is different! For starters, it’s way more disgusting than most. And secondly it was curated by professional filmmakers. The 26 directors of The ABCs Of Death 2 were tasked with selecting the greatest deaths in movie history, resulting in this gruesome four minute video. Their ABCs Of Death 2 shorts were almost all in the horror genre (or at least horror tangential), and clearly they know their stuff as many of them contributed recommendations to this year’s 24-hour Halloween movie marathon.

However, not all of the deaths featured in the supercut come from the spookiest of film genres. There are selections in here from dramas, westerns, sci-fi, action films, and even a beloved children’s cartoon. Some of the deaths chosen are iconic or obvious, while some are a bit more obscure (and one is just a baffling choice). Take to the comments below and identify the ones that no one else can for a bid to be named the most depraved A.V. Club reader.

(NOTE: There are some incredibly grotesque and violent images in this collection. It may be disturbing to some and it is certainly NSFW)

Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.

[Via Badass Digest]


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