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The Great's reign will continue on Hulu

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Obviously you can’t depose your royal husband and take control of 18th-century Russia in only one season, so Hulu has announced that it’s renewing playfully satirical history remix The Great for a second season. The show just premiered back in May, but it was met with good reviews and a presumably positive response response from content-hungry quarantine viewers, so even this rather quick renewal isn’t especially surprising—plus it has some big names attached and requires a lot of period costumes and sets, so it’s probably wise for Hulu to make its intentions with the series clear.

As for those big names: The Great stars Elle Fanning as future Russian ruler Catherine The Great (though this is before she became so Great), with Nicholas Hoult playing her delightfully dopey husband Peter, and it was created by The Favourite co-writer Tony McNamara. The second season, like the first, will consist of 10 episodes. Also, there’s no word on when the show’s second season might premiere, but it could be a while (seeing as how we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and will be for the foreseeable future).

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