Dubstep lip-synchs are an established (and odd) Internet phenomenon, but all those teenagers in their bedrooms got nothing on The Great Wakkorotti. This short little video pairs the classic Animaniacs short “The Great Wakkorotti: A Master And His Music”—which we recently reviewed over in TV Club Classic, FYI—and subs out Wakko Warner’s impressive belching acrobatics (provided by the great Maurice LaMarche) with some gnarly drops from Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.” It works surprisingly well, thanks in large part to the excellent animation of Wakko’s contorting, belching face (courtesy of Tokyo Movie Shinsa, far and away the best of the seven studios that split animation duties on Animaniacs). Enjoy, and await the inevitable dubstep remix of “Let The Anvils Ring.” [h/t The Aggregate]