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The Great Gatsby is a great novel and 8-bit video game

Nick Carraway doesn't really seem like the "jump around and throw his hat to kill butlers, flappers, and hobos" type of guy, at least in our current interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's little-known, barely praised novel The Great Gatsby. But in this awesome 8-bit game, he looks right at home—especially in his Dick Tracy-esque yellow suit. It's really easy to play (just two buttons, plus directional arrows), but also surprisingly challenging; it reminds me a lot of Castlevania, if instead of ghouls you fought against giant pairs of spectacles. Jolly good show.

Look for a full review in Monday's edition of Sawbuck Gamer, but for now, enjoy the throwback vibe, right down to the mock-up of the instruction manual.


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